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Hands in Hand

Hands in Hand Collage

Once in a lifetime we all need a hand to pull us up, that helps us to see life in a different way. Presenting to you my photo project featuring 100 photos with 100 women and their stories. Stay tuned!

# 1:
Hands in Hand: 1 of 100

Living in Singapore for two decades, she didn’t forget her roots yet. Every winter she visits Bangladesh, and this was her 19th time; the vacation that she longs for the entire year.

She’s 27, Cancer, and an art graduate.

# 2:
Hands in Hand: 2 of 100

This is the day when her husband legally took back his commitment to stay together for a lifetime. There were many unanswered questions, incomplete emotions, broken dreams, yet she hopes to move on and enlighten her coming years with unexpected happiness and smile.

She’s 26, Sagittarius, and a business administration student.

# 3
Hands in Hand: 3 of 100

Suffering from stage 2 breast cancer, she was getting her weekly dose of chemotherapy when this was shot. She’s one of the bravest woman I’ve met, fighting cancer with a smile… a battle that she’s destined to win.

She’s 29, Capricorn, and an IT professional.

# 4
Hands in Hand: 4 of 100

Mother of a 4-year old child, this beautiful young lady can’t hear anything without her hearing aids in place. Her congenital deafness caused her being mocked by classmates and near and dear ones since childhood, as most people don’t seem to realise that someone with special needs has to be treated with special care and respect.

She’s 30, Capricorn, and an interior designer.

# 5:
Hands in Hand: 5 of 100

A very talented henna artist, she’s been though a very traumatic time which I don’t want to mention here as it saddens me immensely every time I think about it. She lost almost everything in her life, but she’s courageous enough to look for the future and rebuild her life — and I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart.

She’s 26, Aquarius, and an entrepreneur.

# 6:
Hands in Hand: 6 of 100

She’s 26, Capricorn, and a homemaker.

# 7:
Hands in Hand: 7 of 100

She’s 20, Capricorn, and a student.

# 8:
Hands in Hand: 8 of 100

She’s 30, Pisces, and a homemaker.

# 9:
Hands in Hand: 9 of 100

She’s 26, Pisces, and a banker.

# 10:
Hands in Hand: 10 of 100

She’s 30, Capricorn, and a homemaker.

# 11:
Hands in Hand: 11 of 100

A beer for boys and an ice cream for girls is all that it takes to forget an ex these days, but not for her. It’s been nine years that the person she loved deeply broke her heart, yet there is still not a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about him. I don’t know what it is that holds her back, but she needs to move on and settle with a man who deserves her, not someone who didn’t realize what he had.

She’s 27, Leo, and a development worker.

# 12:
Hands in Hand: 12 of 100

She’s 19, Sagittarius, and a student.

To be continued…

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